A gift caricature is a completely unique present, perfect for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, retirements, graduations… almost any special occasion! I aim for my caricatures to be the best quality available so you can be proud to give them as a gift.



- a stylized portrait of a particular person/animal according to your reference photo - a JPG and PDF files of the original artwork sent to you by e-mail - in case of interest a high quality 30 cm x 40 cm size print on 220 gsm texturized fine art paper


Please, contact me at with brief information of: 1. ​date of delivery 2. your idea of the image 3. a brief description of the person or the animal being caricatured, their characteristic features, traits, hobbies, or other distinctive personality traits. 4. min. 3 high quality photographs of the face of each person / animal 5. min. 1 photo of a whole person / animalI in case of more people, I will need one photograph of them together for height difference. If the object is an animal, I will need the same number and quality of photographs as for the person. Please do not send low resolution copies of the photos. Ideally, photos should be at least 1 MB or larger. The result of my work depends on the quality of the photos you send me. Since this is the only input material I have, the details on the photos are very important.


This information is NOT applicable for commercial work, therefore the art can only be used for the client’s personal purposes. You will be able to buy commercial rights separately from the commission work itself. One person: 100€ Each additional person: +80€ One person with pet: 140€ One pet: 70€ Each additional pet: +40€ Complicated backgrounds such as a car, motorbike, building, boat, etc..: + 50€ PRICE FOR EXPRESS ORDER WITHIN 10 DAYS: + 50% of price Print- professional printing 230g high quality 30 cm x 40 cm photo paper: 15€ / print


Within Slovakia - 5€ Within the EU - 10€ Worldwide - 15€ I deliver by first class safely packed in a tube